Not Just Parts
Parts That Matter


Silicon Valley Manufacturing & Machining specializes in superior, high-quality manufacturing. Our people and facility are equipped to function in either a Quick Turn or Production environment. Established in 1997, we are experienced in consistently holding tolerances of +/-0.0001 on a daily basis. We have experience working with materials from common alloys to exotic metals.


A wide selection of machines to provide a diverse range of machining capabilities for your part requirements.


We have the experience and capability to manufacture precision machined parts out of most modern materials.


Using an assortment of tools and techniques, we create plans specific to your critical quality characteristics.


Silicon Valley Manufacturing delivers the responsiveness, quality, and precision needed to become a trusted provider of contract machining services for a range of challenging industries:

Medical ∙ Pharmaceutical ∙ Semi∙Conductor ∙ Bio Tech ∙ Clean Room ∙ National Laboratories ∙ Movie ∙ Fiber Optic ∙ Security ∙ Renewable Energy ∙ Automotive ∙ Aerospace ∙ Technology

Quality is Everything

By working to prevent issues, and reacting effectively when problems occur, we strive to meet our goal: delivering quality precision machining products with zero defects to all our customers.

Critical Quality

Quality Assurance works alongside all production personnel and departments to implement and maintain processes that fully satisfy customer requirements.

Process Driven

Activities in our Quality department include creating quality plans, operating inspection equipment, and auditing both products and processes.

Lights Out

Automated, lights-out production has enabled this manufacturer to take on a large number of low-volume jobs for various industries.
Increase efficiency, boost accuracy and quality.

Business Philosophy:

“We cut material to make our Customer's parts. To keep our machines running we must keep our Customers satisfied. We keep our Customers satisfied by producing high quality cost effective products in a timely manner.”