CNC Turning
Details Make the Difference.
Ultra Precision Turning Center

Silicon Valley Mfg. uses cutting-edge Ultra Precision, Prototype, and Large Capacity Turning equipment to manufacture parts to your strict specifications. We attain close tolerance machining with the latest CAD/CAM software in our CNC turning machine operation.

9 CNC Turning Centers Range from 1/32″ to 16.0″ Diameter

Our CNC turning department produces quick, consistent components that are easily manufactured with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency. Our CNC turning equipment includes:

Ultra Precision Turning Centers

  • 1 – Nakamura 250 w/Live Tooling, Parts Catcher and Bar Feeder
  • 1 – Nakamura 150 w/Live Tooling, Parts Catcher and Bar Feeder
  • 1 – Nakamura AS-200 w/live tooling
  • 1 – Kia SKT-21 w/live tooling
  • 1 – Hwacheon w/live tooling

Prototype & Large Capacity Turning Centers

  • 1 – Akira Seiki SL-35
  • 1 – Haas SL-35 w/live tooling
  • 1 – Haas ST-30
  • 1 – Haas HL-1

SVM is committed to being your single source solution for fabrication services, including Ultra Precision Turning and Prototype & Large Capacity Turning. We will produce your parts on time to keep you on schedule.

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High-precision tolerances ranging from +/-0.0001″ – 0.0005″.


Speed of production makes CNC a great option for prototyping.


CNC machining ensures high quality and cost-effective results.


Since being established in 1997, we have been satisfying our customers by producing high quality cost effective products in a timely manner.